Member Home

Yuma Southwest Contractors Association is proud to offer our membership two great ways to gain access to plans for projects that are currently out for bid. We have always had our on-site plan room located in our main office in Yuma. Our newest addition will be an online plan room where users can access plans for current projects through our website.

Here is what you can expect from both of our plan rooms:

On-site Plan Room

Our on-site plan room has state-of-the-art equipment for your wide-format printing and copying needs. We can also scan printed plans for you and upload them to digital files, CD’s, USB drives, etc.

Online Plan Room

Our newest addition is our online plan room. Members can log in to our site and access projects that are currently bidding. Plans that have already gone to bid will be archived in our files for members to access them at a later date if needed.

Members can also upload their own plans on “My Files” tabs.